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Dental health is often overlooked as a major factor in overall health.  Diseased teeth have the potential to create infection in the GI tract, heart and other organs as well as causing pain and possible discomfort for your pet.  At Animal Health and Wellness, we provide full dental cleaning services, including extractions when necessary, with the aid of general anesthesia.  While anesthesia can be a scary proposition for clients, it is essential for a thorough dental cleaning with our ultrasonic scaler to ensure that all of the tartar is removed and will stay away for longer, especially with the implementation of at home brushing.


Extractions may be necessary in severe cases of dental disease and can also be performed at the time of dental cleaning, when necessary.  When possible we prefer to use dental cleaning as a preventative for tooth extraction.  Anesthetizing a healthy animal with moderate dental tartar generally occurs with less risk than a patient who has severe dental disease and possible abscessed teeth.


February is National Dental Month.  Please check with us for possible incentives during this month.