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Senior Wellness Package

Senior wellness packages begin at the age of 7 years (the recommended age to be seen for wellness visits every 6 months). We offer this package to be done 6 months after their yearly visit. The senior wellness package includes:

Physical Exam

Blood Profile Major to help detect many of the problems caused by aging. Early detection of disease allows the doctor to begin treatment sooner to keep your pet healthier as it ages.

Thyroid Test

To detect hypothyroidism in your pet. Thyroid problems include weight gain, hair loss and skin problems. Thyroid problems can normally be regulated by a daily medication.

Chest X-rays

To detect heart and lung disease, cancer, or any other abnormalities.


To detect bladder infections, diabetes, bladder stones, kidney disease, etc.


To detect, in dogs, irregularities with the heart rate and rhythm.

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